VW-MAN 8.150 4×4

Services provided:

  • Wheelbase extension
  • Construction and mounting of spring-loaded intermediate frame for light alloy cab FM II
  • Construction and installation of step-through
  • 300L tank on passenger side
  • Custom-made 200L-tank on driver’s side
  • Heated Separ Filter (additional fuel filter and water separator)
  • Tyres changed from 12.5 R20 to 14.5 R20
  • Cyclone filter
  • Conversion to heated air dryer
  • LightPartz 7″ Full-LED main headlights
  • 2x LightPartz LightBar on roof rack
  • DAB+ radio
  • Paintwork of driver’s cab RAL 3031 and attachments RAL 7016

Not shown:

  • Outbound door DE-10 3P for FM II
  • Left and right rear storage boxes
  • Tyres changed to 385/65 R22.5 on one-piece, tubeless Accuride rim
  • Supply of 2nd set of 385/65 R22.5 winter-only tyres on one-piece, tubeless Accuride rim

This vehicle is not for sale!
The article is for reference only. This is a completed project that was modified by us according to customer requirements.