1-axle trailer Oerlikon Hötzl

Purchase price gross: 2.500
Purchase price net: 2.500
Taxation: VAT not deductible
Brand: Kooperation Oerlikon (CH) / Hötzl Stahlbau (AT)
Model: Special trailer for Pinzgauer/F1A
Body: Open, platform with fixed side and attachment walls, foldable front and rear wall, tarpaulin
First registration: 14.05.1981
TÜV new: Optionally possible
Empty weight: 374 kg
Permissible total weight: 750 kg
Permissible drawbar load: 50 kg
Length: 2850 mm
Width: 1540 mm
Height: 1420 mm
Track width: 1300 mm
Tires: 6.00-16
NATO trailer eyelet: Yes
Civilian trailer eyelet: Optional at extra charge