MAN 19.314 FAEC 4×4 with camper body

On behalf of customer
Purchase price gross: 158.000
Purchase price net: 158.000
Taxation: VAT not deductible

Vehicle was purchased from us in June 2023 and overhauled and fully serviced by us in the third quarter of 2023.

The customer then constructed and assembled a living cell made by a specialized workshop.
The interior construction will not be discussed in detail here, as this is only temporary (nothing has been screwed into the inside of the camper body!).
All temporary fixtures will be removed before sale.

The vehicle is currently still described as an ATL truck, but can be converted to a special purpose vehicle eg expedition camper if necessary.
German registration documents available.

TÜV due: 08/2024 (annual technical inspection)
SP due: 02/2024 (semiannual additional security inspection only for "trucks")
TÜV, UMA and SP are renewed before handover.

For further information, see the client's exposé:
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Sale on behalf of the customer under exclusion of warranty.

Vehicle type: Truck
Manufacturer: MAN
Model: 19.314 FAEC
Wheel formula: 4x4
Body: Camper body
Mileage: 30.000 km
First registration: 13.01.2005
TÜV new: Optionally possible
Manufacturer: MAN
Model: D2866
Fuel type: Diesel
Construction form: In-line engine
Number of cylinders: 6
Turbo: Yes
Cooling: water-cooled
Power: 314 PS
Power: 228 KW
Cubic capacity: 11967 ccm
Pollutant class: EURO 2
Manufacturer: ZF
Model: 16S151
Construction form: Mechanical gearbox
Number of gears: 16 + R
Reduction: Yes
Offroad gear: No
Split gearbox: Yes
Seats: 2
Seats expandable: Yes
Cabin tiltable: Yes
Permissible total weight: 18000 kg
Towing load (braked): 10000 kg
Towing load (unbraked): 2000 kg
Length: 9455 mm
Width: 2550 mm
Height: 3500 mm
Wheelbase: 4800 mm
Suspension: Leaf / Leaf
Brake system (FA): pneumatic
Brake system (RA): pneumatic
Power steering: Yes
Tires: 14.00R20
Winch: No
Air conditioning: No
ABS: Yes
Differential lock (longitudinal): Yes
Differential lock (FA): Yes
Differential lock (RA): Yes
NATO hitch: Yes
Independent heater: No
Retarder / Intarder: No
Tire pressure control system: No
Central lubrication system: No
Cruise control: Yes