MAN 18.330 FAERX/FAREX/BB HX60 4×4 mit Kran Hiab 088 ATD-1

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Vehicle type: Truck
Manufacturer: MAN
Model: 18.330 FAERX
Wheel formula: 4x4
Body: Platform
Mileage: 8.293 km
First registration: 30.01.2010
TÜV new: Yes
Manufacturer: MAN
Model: D0836 LFG50-51
Fuel type: Diesel
Construction form: In-line engine
Number of cylinders: 6
Turbo: Yes
Cooling: water-cooled
Power: 330 PS
Power: 240 KW
Cubic capacity: 6871 ccm
Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Split gearbox: Yes
Seats: 3
Cabin tiltable: Yes
Empty weight: 8299 kg
Permissible total weight: 18800 kg
Towing load (braked): 16000 kg
Towing load (unbraked): 1500 kg
Length: 8080 mm
Width: 2540 mm
Track width: 3120 mm
Wheelbase: 4500 mm
Suspension: Parabolic spring / Parabolic spring
Brake system (FA): pneumatic
Brake system (RA): pneumatic
Power steering: Yes
Tires: 14.00 R20
Crane: Hiab 088 ATD-1
ABS: Yes
Differential lock (longitudinal): Yes
Differential lock (FA): Yes
Differential lock (RA): Yes
NATO hitch: Yes
Independent heater: Yes
Retarder / Intarder: Yes
Cruise control: Yes