1-axle trailer Dalsted DT1300 platform (similar to HMK 0.5TPHV)

Purchase price gross: 2.261
Purchase price net: 1.900
Taxation: incl. 19% VAT
Special features:

Indicated length = without drawbar or eyelet
Indicated height = platform height
Drawbar with NATO eye can be removed and replaced by standard civilian coupling.

Brand: Dalsted
Model: DT1300
Body: Platform
First registration: 27.02.1992
TÜV new: Optionally possible
Empty weight: 400 kg
Permissible total weight: 1.350 kg
Length: 2600 mm
Width: 1680 mm
Height: 590 mm
Tires: 7.50 R16
NATO trailer eyelet: Yes, optionally
Civilian trailer eyelet: Yes, optionally