Our services in detail

Vehicle sales

We value quality ! The following is always included in the vehicles we sell:

  • Technical inspection
  • Repair of damaged parts
  • Full function control
  • Vehicle service
  • incl. Oil and filter change (as required)
  • New batteries
  • New fan belts
  • TÜV inspection
  • or TÜV report according to §21 (for imported vehicles, e.g. Steyr 12M18)
  • and / or TÜV report according to §23 (oldtimer – if possible)

Army vehicles

Fire engines

Vehicles of the THW

Police vehicles

Vehicle service & repairs

We offer everything from a simple TÜV check to a complete general overhaul.
We also regularly repair engines and gearboxes ourselves.

Vehicle technology

Additional fuel tanks

  • available in steel or aluminum

Separ filter

  • additional fuel pre-filter with water separation
  • also as a heated version

Cyclone filter

  • additional air pre-filter with coarse particle pre-separation

Air dryer retrofitting

Axle ratio change

Differential lock retrofitting

Chassis optimization

Changing of tyres and / or rims

  • on 20 “snap ring rim, with tube or tubeless
  • or on SDC 22.5 “rim, tubeless

Relocating components of the air system

into the vehicle frame to create space for additional tanks and storage boxes

LED lighting

Headlights, light bars,
Work lights, rear lights, etc.

Steel construction

Spring-loaded intermediary frame

  • with twist locks
  • or directly screwed, not removable

Extendable platforms

Spare wheel carrier

  • foldable or rigid
  • also with bike / motorcycle rack

Wheelbase extension

Double cabin shortening

  • Aluminum or stainless steel
  • also with bevel for mounting inside the angle of slope

Roof rack

  • with or without for preparation for light bar and / or work lights

Branch deflector

Rear underrun protection

  • Rigid or foldable
  • also with ball head trailer coupling

Storage boxes

  • Aluminum or stainless steel
  • also with bevel for mounting inside the angle of slope

Paint job & corrosion protection

Paint job

Wax preservation

Spare parts supply

Thanks to our very extensive stock of used parts and a large network of domestic and international suppliers for the procurement of new parts, we ensure that our customers are promptly supplied with high-quality spare parts.

We ship worldwide.

Other services

TÜV certificate according to §21

  • Full certificate for imported or army vehicles (e.g. vehicles of the German Army, Austrian Army, etc.)

TÜV certificate according to §23

  • Conversion to classic car
  • Minimum age 30 years (to the day)

TÜV certificate according to §19(2)

  • Individual acceptances (e.g. tire / rim combination, additional tank, trailer coupling, etc.)

Accident prevention regulation & gas tests

  • Testing according to DGUV (formerly UVV) (e.g. for cable winches)
  • Gas test (required if the vehicle has a pass-through!)